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open quoteWe are where tax problems end. It’s that simple.end quote

- Anthony Parent, Esq. IRS Medic Founder


  • We know the very real pain the IRS can cause.
  • We know you may have delayed taking action.
  • We know you may have made a mistake.

What we want you to know is — we are IRS Tax Attorneys, right here to help.  


Call 888-477-4258 Right Now to Schedule a No-Obligation Strategy Session.


If you are embarrassed about calling us for help, that’s understandable.  But you also need to know we never judge our clients.  Trust us.  We know tax problems can affect anyone!  So call us, toll-free, 24 hours a day at 888-477-4258.

We want to help you find a better life.  That’s how seriously we take our job.  So when we look to end your tax problem — we mean we really want all that pain and anxiety gone forever.

Welcome to IRS Medic: Parent & Parent LLP.  Our team of tax attorneys, accountants, ex-IRS agents all work on your side.  We fight for you, no one else.  There’s nothing we can’t handle — and as strange as it may sound, we actually enjoy solving the toughest IRS cases around the country right from our headquarters here in Connecticut.  We are focused on tax problem resolution, nothing else.  Everything from offshore bank account disclosures, tax audits, IRS appeals, IRS levies and garnishments, payroll tax problems, unfiled taxes, to IRS debt settlement.


Call 888-477-4258 right now to schedule a no-obligation strategy session


Anthony E. Parent, Esq. is the founding partner of IRS Medic.  He has dedicated his professional career to helping those with tax problems.  He is the author of the business best-seller “Protect & Defend.”   He is routinely quoted on tax issues in the local and national media, mostly recently in the Wall Street Journal, Wall Street radio, ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox affiliates nationwide, and more locally, in publications like the Hartford Business Journal.  He is a go-to person for many other tax professionals around the country.  He uses his years of experience in working with clients to settle difficult tax problems with both the Internal Revenue Service and State Departments of Revenue Services, and has created a dream-team of caring professionals who are on the top of their game.

To get started, you can contact us, learn more about us, or review our recovery checklist.  We look forward to working with you.

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